Bitcoin and the Tyranny of Time Scarcity

The tyranny of time scarcity is ubiquitous in life; here we will explore how mankind cooperates to resist this immortal tyrant using one of our most ancient social technologies, money, and why Bitcoin is bound to achieve global monetary dominance. By Robert Breedlove on Dec 20, 2019  A Tyrant of Time Immemorial All human action... Continue Reading →

Alain Badiou on the COVID-19 Pandemic

From the start, I thought that the current situation, characterised by a viral pandemic, was not particularly exceptional. From the (viral) pandemic of AIDS, and passing through the avian flu, the Ebola virus, and the SARS 1 virus – not to mention several flus, the appearance of strains of tuberculosis that antibiotics can no longer... Continue Reading →

Slavoj Zizek: Coronavirus is a ‘Kill Bill’esque blow to capitalism and could lead to reinvention of communism

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 Dir: Quentin Tarantino (2004) © Miramax ****************************************************** The ongoing spread of the coronavirus epidemic has also triggered vast epidemics of ideological viruses which were laying dormant in our societies: fake news, paranoiac conspiracy theories, explosions of racism. The well-grounded medical need for quarantines found an echo in the ideological pressure to... Continue Reading →

Four Accesses to the Infinite by Alain Badiou

Timothy Lavenz's translation of Alain Badiou's The Immanence of Truths (Being and Event 3), Section III, Chapter c11, parts 1-4 (out of 12). Published on February 22, 2020 by tmlavenz Four Accesses to the Infinite by Alain Badiou 1. Objections concerning the set-theoretical concept of the infinite I demonstrated previously that the ontology of every oppressive figure... Continue Reading →

Speculative Heresy: exploring speculative realism, non-philosophy, and other heresies

Main menu Skip to primary content Home Resources Events Blog Events Translations Rhizomes About Resources A constantly updated page of the latest online resources for speculative realism. OTHER RESOURCES – Speculative Realism entry Speculative Realism Blog Aggregator Speculative Realism Path Finder Wikipedia – Speculative Realism entry JOURNAL ISSUES Collapse, Vol. I: Numerical Materialism Collapse,... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Kernel of Deleuze’s Ontological Proposition: Univocity of Being With Deleuze the Cartesian mind-body dualism has been replaced by body-language dualism. Without being too insistent about it at this stage I would like to hint at where the relationship between these dualisms is heading. I propose, therefore, what Deleuze has already pointed out, namely a new possibility of analysing the nature of dialectics... Continue Reading →

Doğu Akdeniz // Levant

Levant, Akdeniz’in doğu sahillerinde bulunan geniş bir araziyi tanımlamak için kullanılan, sınırları kesin olmayan, coğrafî, tarihî ve kültürel bir adlandırma. Genel olarak tarih süreci içerisinde Toros Dağları’nın güneyinde,Orta Doğu’da geniş bir alanı belirtmektedir. Batısında Akdeniz, güneyinde Arabistan Çölü ve doğusunda Mezopotamya ile sınırlanmıştır. Levant Kafkasya Dağları’nı, Arap Yarımadası’nın belirli bir parçasını ve -her ne kadar kimi kaynaklarda Kilikya dahil edilse de- Anadolu’yu içermez. Sina Yarımadası, Levant... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Links for Making Money Online

Earn +100% in 24 Hours Fund3X - Triple (300%) Your Bitcoin In Just 48 Hours, Guaranteed and Trusted EARN +110% on Your Crypto Investment in 24 HOURS +100% Return in 24 Hours Guaranteed FLAMEBIT - Double your BTC/ETH/LTC/DOGE in just 24 hours EARN BITCOIN FOR VIEWING WEBSITES Click and Claim Your Free Bitcoin//Ethereum//Litecoin//XRP//Doge HEX Click... Continue Reading →

A letter from Badiou to Deleuze on Heidegger (July 1994)



I would like to resume, today, the parallel between you and Heidegger that I was sketching in my last letter.

1) A crucial difference seems to count against the comparison. In your work there is no “historial” set up, of the type “history of the forgetting of being”, “decline”, etc. As you say, you are certainly not tormented by the “end” of philosophy. You pick up the energy of your epoch, as must be done for each epoch. You love and think the cinema, the American novel, singular popular movements, Bacon’s paintings…The peasant from the Black Forest does not impress you. You are a man  of the imperial metropolis, a man of the bestial power of capitalism, a man of invisible subtractions, also, and of the finest of contemporary capillarities.

2) Being for you is not at at all a “question”, and moreover you do not in any way consecrate…

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The Occult: A History by Colin Wilson [PDF]



A SINGLE OBSESSIONAL IDEA RUNS THROUGH ALL my work: the paradoxical nature of freedom. When the German tanks rolled into Warsaw, or the Russians into Budapest, it seemed perfectly obvious what we meant by freedom; it was something solid and definite that was being stolen, as a burglar might steal the silver. But when a civil servant retires after forty years, and finds himself curiously bored and miserable, the idea of freedom becomes blurred and indefinite; it seems to shimmer like a mirage. When I am confronted by danger or crisis, I see it as a threat to freedom, and my freedom suddenly becomes positive and self-evident – as enormous and obvious as a sunset. Similarly, a man who is violently in love feels that if he could possess the girl, his freedom would be infinite; the delight of union would make him undefeatable. When he gets her, the…

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