Do you remember the future?
Are you aware that it is not what it used to be?
Do you know how to act according to a better future in the 21st century?

This is a site wherein you will find a lot of relevant and daily updated information on global news, articles from the world-wide-web of things, interesting posts on human-condition and the world in general, sharp quotes, gifs, pictures with captions, videos and many more relevant stuff. All these related to the wide range of topics in Arts, Humanities, Ecology, Culture, Science, Technology, Politics and Economy.

We are committed to organise the future in a way that is perpetually experimental and persistently consistent in developing new means of co-ordination. We are an organisation of people who are politically active in their workplaces and communities. We work together to support each other, amplify our struggles and think strategically.

We want to go beyond network-based organisation, without falling back on the model of a party. We are committed to ongoing experimentation to find the forms of collective activity needed to build a world beyond nihilist capitalism. We are also concerned with making plans – plans to survive and resist capitalism’s attack on our lives, and plans for collective self-organisation.

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