Time and Capital: How to Think and Act in a Post-Catastrophic World


Another end of the world is possible...  Une autre fin du monde est possible...Another end of the world is possible… 

The Event of Loss as the External Cause of Thought

At the inception of philosophy there is a loss, but not all philosophers begin with this loss. While some of them start from before the loss, some others begin after the loss. One way or the other philosophy proper begins with the inscription of this loss and aims at causing a loss of loss. That which is lost is nothing but the sense of reality as it has been; things turn out not to be the way they seemed to be. Immediately following the inscription of loss there emerges the question of “how can that which has happened be justified?” It’s not for nothing that philosophy has come to be considered a proposition of justice in response to a loss of the sense of reality embodied by the subject and in which the…

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