3500 Years Old Settlements Found in Cyprus



Excavations in the Late Bronze Age settlements in Dromolaxia and Hala Sultan Tekke which lasted for five weeks in May and June have been completed announce the Antiquities on Thursday.

The excavations were conducted by a group of archaeologists from the Gothenburg University in Sweden under the directorship of Professor Peter M. Fischer, and assisted by a team from the University of Vienna led by Doctor Immo Trinks.

The excavations centred around one of the three city’s settlements which seem to be separated by roads. Pottery found in the area dates the site to 1600 B.C. to 1150B.C.

The settlement was destroyed around 1200 B.C. and abandoned.

Excavations show three layers of construction, the last two being dated at around 1200 B.C. or the second half of the 13’th century B.C. and both seem to have been destroyed by some kind of catastrophe due to the large presence of ash between the layers.

Locally made and Egyptian pottery was found in the area.

Excavations of pits in the Hala Sultan Tekke area dating from 1500B.C. and 1200B.C. were also conducted.

An ancient well, a sacrifice pit which contained about 70 pieces of mainly Mycenaean pottery,  and family tomb were excavated.

The family tomb revealed an array of local and Mycenaean ceramic pottery.  A large amount of jewellery was also found as well as a scarab with Pharaoh Thutmose III’s (1479B.C.-1425B.C) name inscribed on it.

The excavations have confirmed the age of the settlement to 1300-1200B.C. but will require further excavations to determine the whereabouts of the settlement attributed to the finds in the Tekke area which are much older.


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