Erdogan’s Crackdown: Free speech is being rebranded terrorism (Video)


Erdogan has begun the purge that he was praying for. Just a few days after the “coup”, Erdogan has been performing a masterful counter-coup, eliminating not only all of his political opponents, in powerful positions, but eliminating any and all suspected secularists from the public sphere.
24000 teachers, professors, deans, public employees, and police officers, have so far been summarily fired from their jobs, many of them arrested for incitement, in just a couple of days.
Why teachers? Because they are teaching the history of Turkeys secular state. They are defenders of the Secular Turkish Constitution, which will be the next victim of Erdogans power grab. This fortuitously disastrous and amateur “coup”, has given Erdogan the power, AND the public support, to get “revenge” on the “coup plotters” and to “cleanse” Turkey of any anti Islamists.
The Erdogan government is accusing a Turkish cleric, named Fethullah Gülen, as a “mastermind” of the pre-schooler organized “coup”. they are demanding that the US government extradite him, from his home in exile, in Pennsylvania! They have provided ZERO proof to their claims. Of course the idea that someone mobilized the Turkish military from 9000 miles away, is preposterous.
The countdown to Turkey being an Islamist dictatorship has started.
Erdogan is now a threat to Europe, Greece, the Middle East, and Russia, but most of all, they are a threat to their own citizens, who are now bracing for a dictatorship, far more brutal than any previous Turkish governments, elected or un-elected, since 1919.
My support and thoughts are with the Turkish minorities, the political left, the secular citizens, and the women of Turkey, who are now facing unspeakable oppression, under the future Sharia Law that Erdogan will ultimately impose on his country.
~ Demetri Roubanis

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