We’ll Be Living in a Matrix-like Virtual World by 2045

| Danielle Muoio | Tech Insider |

In roughly 30 years, we could all be living in the Matrix. Except unlike the popular 1999 movie, we’ll get to elect whether we want to enter it.

Ian Pearson, a futurologist with an 85% accuracy track record, said advancements in nanotechnology will make it possible to plug our brains into computers and live in a simulated world.

“You can certainly make something a bit like the Matrix, if you wanted to,” Pearson told TI. “Around 2045, 2050, you could link people’s brains to the computers so much that they believe they’re living in a virtual world.

Pearson said the concept is a bit like what Tesla CEO Elon Musk outlined when he talked about neural lace at the Vox Media’s Code Conference in Southern California.

Neural lace is a wireless brain-computer system that would add a digital layer of intelligence to our brain. It’s a concept nanotechnologists have been working on.

Like Musk, Pearson said he thinks it will be possible to link our brains with computers, allowing humans to enter a simulation.

“You could start locking people in a simulation at some time after 2045, 2050 in a very convincing way,” he said. “They might even think when they come back into the real world that they’re living in a simulation then.”

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