Social Media Management For Millenials

| Subliminal Sensibility | Is it time to outsource your social media?
by C.J. Adams | Click Here For Paid Social Media Jobs |

Social media… so easy anyone can do it, right?
Wrong. Social media is no longer one of those things that you can hand off to the youngest person in your company and let them run with it. It’s not one of those things that your office manager can handle.
Just as you wouldn’t have let your office manager handle media buying and copywriting for a TV commercial campaign 30 years ago, you shouldn’t let that person handle overall social media strategy and implementation today. There’s more to it than meets the eye.
Effective social media requires strategy. It requires a certain skill set, and chances are pretty good that no one in your organization possesses these skills. That leaves you with 2 options:Hiring a new employee is expensive. They might quit in 2 months and then you have to hire another one.
Outsourcing is scary, but often the right choice. A true digital agency understands exactly how social media works and can offer you the best value. Once you get past the fear of them posting the wrong thing or not using your tone of voice in messaging and truly trust them, the results can be amazing.

Just because everyone knows how to use Facebook in 2016 doesn’t mean that they know how to USE Facebook in 2016.

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