Three Modalities of the Immanent Infinity: Life, Matter and Thought in Henry, Deleuze and Badiou

Abstract In this essay I attempt to explicate the sense in which Michel Henry’s reductive phenomenology rendering Life as affectivity resonates with Alain Badiou’s subtractive ontology rendering the subject as eternity in time. I claim that these two modes of subjectivity are the two modalities of the Real manifesting itself as quality (Henry’s patheme) and... Continue Reading →

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State of Absence ~ Muggi Dane and Stykke

Muggi Dane has collaborated with Stykke to deliver us this mesmerizing style of Minimal Techno and Progressive Psychedelic in accordance with one another… Melodies of anticipation and stacks of doof keep the cogs spiralling in harmony… This track achieves such greatness that puts the listener into a hazy mood of serenity indeed…. And yes, it’s... Continue Reading →

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A Brief Note on Kant — SenseLogic

Originally posted on Senselogic: Kant’s initial project was to explicate the difference between “knowing-what” (pure reason) and “knowing-how” (practical reason) in the way of laying the foundations of a scientific metaphysics. Counter to Descartes[1] and Hume[2] he aimed at situating the subject within the limits of what can be known by rational human beings. The… via... Continue Reading →

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Thinking the Uncommon

Indecent Bazaar

In one of the most interesting post I have encountered recently in the blogosphere–Object-Oriented Psychoanalysis and Derridean Deconstruction–Cengiz Erdem argues that the common things of everyday existence are produced out of the depressive position or abnormalities. As the author comments, psychic development is complemented by the death drive. Whereas this relationship is typically represented as a binary opposition in mainstream discourse, it is here presented as a reciprocally determined double-bind. Erdem’s claim, following Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion, is that “for a healthy creative process to take place giving birth to new thought” an antecedent disintegration or fragmentation of common sense is required. In other words, the breakdown of one’s consciousness and knowledge is the necessary condition for the possibility of reintegrating novel ideas and producing creative new thought.

In psychoanalytic terms, this entails the negation or considered dissent of the predominant symbolic order in which one explicates…

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Towards a Radical Politics: Grassroots Urban Activism in the Walled City of Nicosia

by EIRINI ILIOPOULOU and PAFSANIAS KARATHANASIS* "The opening of the barricades by the Turkish Cypriot authorities, plus the failure of the official peace-talks, the rejection of the ‘Annan Plan’ and the disappointment towards the institutionalised bi-communal activism of the political parties, the trade unions and the NGOs together composed a new socio-political framework in 2003–2004.... Continue Reading →

Creativity After New Media

Dr Sarah Kember and Dr Joanna Zylinska (Goldsmiths, University of London) presenting Creative Mediation at CRASSH, Cambridge. They address the question of 'creativity' and its application under the umbrella of 'creative industries'; they consider the links often made with originality, genius or chance and offer an alternative reading that draws on work by Henri Bergson and Gilles Deleuze... Continue Reading →

Links to Articles, Videos, Books at Senselogic

Senselogic's Feed Embed this content in your HTML Search  Subsection Catalog Articles, Videos, and Books on this Page 08/10/18--02:37: _Reza Negarestani Re... 09/13/18--08:52: _Badiou weighs in on... 10/07/18--00:04: _Brassier and Ballar... 10/12/18--01:44: _Mark Fisher in his ... 10/14/18--01:11: _Ontological Catastr... 10/14/18--05:46: _Altering the Suppos... 10/14/18--09:40: _New Media and Beyond 10/19/18--07:30: _Gilles Deleuze: The... 10/20/18--02:11: _Artaud,... Continue Reading →

Around the Solar System

Image via Wikipedia With dozens of spacecraft currently orbiting, roving or otherwise and traveling through our solar system, I thought it would be interesting to get a general snapshot in time, using images from NASAand ESA spacecraft near Mercury, Earth, the Moon, Mars, Saturn and a few in-transit to further destinations. Collected here are recent images gathered... Continue Reading →

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